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rocketgurl Website Design and Web Development

Website design can mean many things to different people. To a small business owner, designing a website may mean managing to throw together a few pages about her business using general purpose office software. To a high-end developer a website can be a portal for access to information in a database application he has played a key role in programming. To a fine artist a website can be a stylized medium in which she visually expresses her art.

The professional design of a website is an involved process of solving a puzzle. The "puzzle" is determining how a website can reach your clients in the most effective manner. As a professional web designer, I understand that each website is unique. To solve this puzzle I work closely with you to determine exactly what functions you wish your website perform. Only after I have a full understanding of the scope of your project and a complete knowledge of your end users do I begin the visual design process.

Be sure to check some examples on the website portfolio page.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado :: Website Design

Custom website design is my specialty. Living and working in Steamboat is just a lucky side effect. While I do website work with clients nationwide, there is a special understanding held by the local Steamboat residents. I understand you and want to make the best website for your business.


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Rocketgurl Communications provides full-service web consultation including custom website design and development, search engine optimization, usability testing, and hosting. Working closely with you, the client, to determine exactly what to do to build the best website for your needs.
Change is in the air - Rocketgurl websites and clients are now under the watchful and dedicated eyes of Creative Bearings. All of your files are safely stored in their web storage facility and Leslie is ready for your call at 970-819-6876. Of course you can continue to use 970-736-2736 or email
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